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Turbocharger parts
We mainly produce and provide diesel engine turbocharger parts of EMD,GE,ALCO,MAN,ABB etc.
Alco Models 131,165,320,350,520 and 720
All Current G.E.Models
EMD Models 567,645 and 710 etc.
Such as Turbine wheel assembly,Turbine Blades,Nozzle Rings,Rotor Assembly,Turbine Disc, Impellers,Bearing Assemblies,Washers,Cam Plates,Clutch Assemblies,Gas Inlet Castings,Oil Slingers,Scroll Turbine Inlets and Main Shafts etc.
We have a series of advanced production equipments, such as Five-axis CNC Machining Center, CNC creep feed grinding machine, Dynamic Balancing Machine, Speeding testing machine etc. and have series of reliable non-destructive inspection means, such as advanced chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, mechanical property test and X-ray and fluorescent inspection etc. With 3000 M2 (32,280sqf) ISO 9001:2015 certified fabricating facilities, 150 skilled workers and 9 experienced engineers, advanced production technology and equipments,we had become a professional manufacturer.
Dealing with manufacturer directly,you will get high quality,competitive price and fast delivery.Please feel free to contact us for details or questions.
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